Wetumpka, Alabama USA
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We have a variety of horses at a variety of prices in a variety of disciplines and a variety of ages!

Come shopping!

We can also help market your horses for sale or those offered at stud


Halter and Performance

Open, Amateur, Junior 

Beginner to Advanced. We specialize in Halter, Western, Hunter & English Pleasure, Pleasure Driving and Native Costume

All herd management or just consulting:

*stand your stallion at stud

*breed to one of our halter or performance stallions

*shipped semen or live cover

*Foaling out mares

*Foal handling, halter breaking and weaning

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your team

Meet The Team

Our passion is sharing our exciting lifestyle and love for the Arabian horse! 


Randy & Leigh Meyer

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Randy, a respected trainer among trainers in Main Ring Halter and Performance. Training and showing Arabians since the early 1970's. Now the chief program consultant and farm and breeding manager.

Leigh, an accomplished trainer in a variety of disciplines and breeds. Riding horses since 1961. Develops lesson programs, marketing and is office manager.

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We don't help you follow your dreams. We help you chase them down!


How We Work


The Meyer family and staff always give their customers their very best effort and remember to treat others the way they would like to be treated.  


The basics of timeless horsemanship found in dressage principles is the foundation of every aspect of their Arabian horse training program, both in their performance horses and the halter horses.


Rhapsody in Blue Stables has an open door policy inviting anyone to come watch, learn and ask questions. Clients are encouraged to drop in to check on their horses and spend a few minutes bonding with their horse.


Client lessons are available no matter the level of rider and everyone is encouraged to play an active part in their horse's development.

What We Believe


1. LIVE EACH DAY WITH COURAGE - Courage is a character quality that is desirable in everything we do...as horsemen and as citizens of this planet. Without it, we would live pitiful, self serving lives of empty, lonely mediocrity.


2. TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR WORK - We can only Take Pride in Our Work when we have not cheated, taken no shortcuts and given our honest, best effort to everything we've set our hands to.


3. ALWAYS FINISH WHAT YOU START - The ability and determination to Finish What You Start is a hallmark in the lives of great leaders. It is a necessary component in the success of any life or endeavor and something we strive for in all we do.


4. DO WHAT HAS TO BE DONE - When we Do What Has to Be Done, we have a key building block for living with joy and satisfaction. "Heroes are the people who do what has to be done when it needs to be done, regardless of the consequences." *


5. BE TOUGH, BUT BE FAIR - Being Tough can be challenging when we're leading our team to an ultimate goal. However, when we've established a relationship of respect by Being Fair even when we are tough, we always have a greater chance of reaching that goal with the admiration and respect of our team.


6. WHEN YOU MAKE A PROMISE, KEEP IT - "My word is my bond." These are words we live by. When You Make a Promise, Do You Keep It? Is our word and a handshake good enough for others to work with us? That's what we work toward.


7. RIDE FOR THE BRAND - "When a cowboy agreed to ‘Ride For The Brand,’ it meant they were ready to work, and be loyal to their outfit . . . to live, fight, and if necessary, die for it." A Brand is an identity and everything we do reflects that identity. We work hard to honor the people and Arabian horses we work with.


8. TALK LESS AND SAY MORE - Actions speak louder than words. Living out what we talk about is much harder than just talking about it. Imagine how much quieter and productive things would be it we Talked Less and Said More!


 9. REMEMBER THAT SOME THINGS ARE NOT FOR SALE - Some Things Are Not For Sale. Never compromise your best for something less 


10. KNOW WHERE TO DRAW THE LINE - When you know right is right and wrong is wrong, you'll always Know Where to Draw The Line. 



Founded in 1989, Rhapsody in Blue opened in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The Arabian horse training operation was moved to Chatom, Alabama in 1996 where it remained until December 2017. At that time, the program moved to Wetumpka, Alabama where it is actively training, showing, breeding and selling some of the best Arabian and Half-Arabian horses in the country.


Randy and Leigh Meyer have enjoyed success in multiple disciplines and bring over 60 years of combined horsemanship to the program..

The Meyers are proud to represent Meyer Show Horses at Rhapsody in Blue.

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Text or Call

Randy: 251-455-2514

Leigh: 251-454-2761






3695 Georgia Road

Wetumpka, AL 36092




Tue - Fri: 9am - 4pm

​​Saturday: 9am - 2pm

​Sunday: CLOSED

Closed daily for lunch from

12pm - 1pm