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Each lesson is comprised of two components:


Learn how to care for a horse so he is ready to ride!!!!!



Learn the skills needed to safely ride horses.

Lessons -

Each lesson includes  

(1) "Horse Keeping"

learning about caring for horses, the equipment and their environment; and

(2) Riding Lessons - 
learning how to ride safely with strong foundation skills applicable to all riding disciplines.


CLINIC – When & How NOT to buy a horse - $35/person

  • Buy a Lame Horse

  • Buy an Untrained Horse

  • Spend Too Much On a Horse

  • Don’t Consider the Every Day Costs

  • Don’t Worry About Knowing When to Call the Vet

  • Don’t Get Any Instruction for Handling or Riding

  • Don’t Get Advice From Someone Experienced in Horses


CLINIC – Breeding Horses Successfully - $35/person

  • Defining Your Goals

  • Developing a Budget

  • Evaluating Broodmares

  • Reading Pedigrees

  • Choosing the Stallion

  • Managing the Mares

  • First Training

  • The Weaning Process


WORKSHOP – Evaluating Equine Conformation - $75/person

  • General Conformation Characteristics

  • Breed Conformation Preferences

  • Form to Function

  • Learn to See the BONES

Courses Coming Soon

​*Academic Enhancement

*Youth Leadership

*Communication: Conflict Resolution

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Team Activities

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Drill Team

Show Team

Our 60+ years of training and winning with owners and their Arabian horses has PROVEN that it isn't necessary to spend the highest price to have the most success!

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