Let Your Imagination Loose!

Part of enjoying life is learning to use your imagination. We are designed to use it for survival, enjoyment and inspiration. When I was a very small child, I would climb on my "Wonder Horse" and bounce that poor thing all over the house imagining I was galloping across fields and over jumps. By the time I was 3 years old, I had many miles in my imaginary saddle and was ready for the real deal. My imagination had let me enjoy the splendor of being on the back of my horse riding over hill and dale! And because my imagination has always been VERY good, I also became accustomed to falling off for any number of imagined reasons. No wonder I was fearless when I finally was old enough to climb into the saddle.

Here it is almost six, yes, SIX decades later and my imagination is still running wild. Having always been a "scribbler", and ALWAYS having my phone with me, I found the most delightful app that allows me to "paint" using multiple mediums digitally! I have thoroughly enjoyed my newfound talent scribbling out some of the things in my imagination, rough as they are, and encourage you that you're never too young or too old to enjoy, and occasionally indulge, your imagination. Paint if you want to paint...you don't have to be a Rembrandt to create beautiful art. Dance if you want to dance...you don't have to appear on "So You Think You Can Dance" to move to the music. Ride if you want to ride....you don't have to gallop across the countryside to be renewed by time with a horse. Be inspired!



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