Passion For Horses Is Not A Learned Behavior – We Are Born With It!

Tony Grassy September 1, 2018 STORIES

People who don’t know much about horses can’t understand why horse lovers are obsessed with riding and horses. It’s because horses don’t make any impression on them in comparison with horse lovers who can’t explain the feeling inside them that strongly bonds them with those magnificent creatures.

Horse lovers are aware that the passion for these animals is not learned, and that they were born with that kind of love towards horses. It is inside of every horse lover from the moment they were born.

As horse lovers, we grew up realizing that horses have needs same as people do, and that’s why we start acting compassionately. We gather freshly cut hay for them and we do not stop giving our equine partners hugs, kisses, and muzzles.

We want the best for them and the smell doesn’t bother us. We care for them as if they were our children and we don’t want anything bad happening to them. They are part of our family and our best friends.

They are our therapists and our wings. When we lose them is like losing a piece of our hearts because our horses are not just animals. They will always be the most extraordinary animals on Earth!


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